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Hidden treasures in the big new world of the new technology

Does the Internet have a major impact on our cultures? Yes. Do we need to manage its consequences for it not to manage us? Yes. A fundamental reformation is taking place right now in order to reorganize old structures. The internet democratized the means and the distribution for ...

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Social Networks

What if one of these days at the breakfast table, at work or on your mobile phone the news announce that a social network formed a government and will take over the lead of your country?...

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Distance education

Recent research lets us know that 7 million Brazilians use distance education as their primary source of knowledge. The rapid development of computers and new information technologies in the 21st century highly influenced the education system of our country. Learning virtually is faster, easier and more flexible compared to the ...

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Internet and education

Internet is an excellent tool for studying. It is endless and available to almost everyone, and its influence on the learning process is constantly growing. There are thousands of mentions and connections for every subject in it. New information is constantly added to websites, blogs and software. However, some important ...

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