As responsabilidades dos donos de um país

“No one has ever washed a rented country”. That is the point of view of Thomas Friedman’s, a columnist from The New York Times, shown in his article on the current political situation in Egypt. He spent a whole morning listening to testimonies and stories of the Egyptian people in Tahrir Square, in Cairo. Friedman describes a group of young students that wore plastic gloves and picked trash from the square. They were volunteers and the only reason for  that , according to the journalist, is that they felt like owners of their country. Those students were there simply because their relationship with their nation isn’t something plastic, but real and everlasting.

Respect for environment is essential for the future of humanity and also for the present. People will never have quality of life if they are not committed to the important task of keeping public areas clean. But citizens only compromise to that if they feel like they own their nation, and if they consider themselves respected and belonging to it.

Atitude Brasil believes that, in spite of social exclusion and a big portion of society living in extreme poverty, Brazil is a very welcoming country and, because its culture is a compound of many others, it belongs to everyone who lives here and helps on the daily construction of our national identity. Therefore, fighting for a cleaner and sustainable country is a responsibility of all Brazilian citizens. That is the thought that brought Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! movement to happen. It requires initiative and involvement of all sectors of society and there is no doubt that it will be good for everybody.

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