The Earth Charter – The Basis of the International Forum for Communication and Sustainability

As every year, the IV International Forum for Communication and Sustainability is based on the principles of the Earth Charter. Those principles give us not only an orientation for the organization of the Forum, but more importantly a united vision and firm foundation with common values. The main principles will guide and chair our guests and speakers throughout this weekend.

Respect and Care for the Community of Life. The first principle addresses the recognition of the shared responsibility to the Earth and more importantly to our brothers and sisters in society. The guiding theme of the Forum, “The Future of Education and the Education of the Future”, is highly connected to respect. Respect for others, our planet and ourselves. Practical ways for everyone to learn how to act more responsible are to be discussed and found.

The second principle, Ecological Integrity, marks the respect for nature and the joy and nutrition that it has given us – uncompromisingly. To secure this joy, we need to make sure to act sustainable at every price, for ourselves and for future generations. Every member of society needs to teach one another and especially the youth how to act sustainable.

Social and Economic Justice, the third principle of the Earth Charter, functions as the basis of every action. Eradicating poverty, ensuring international development in every area of society and nature, promoting equality and making education available to every human being – the commitment to these aspects sculptures the firm foundation on which a just world in the future should be built on.

The fourth principle Democracy, Nonviolence, and Peace represents the central issues of equal education. At the Forum, different experiences will be discussed and ideas will be gathered to find solutions to the problems that involve the education of future generations.

The Earth Charter has made an impact in our lives and we believe strongly that its principles are of utmost importance to every human being. Hence we connected the Round Tables with the principles to systematize the Forum and guarantee a successful and efficient exchange. The essence of the human being lies in a deep connection with other human beings and the large world that surrounds us. Such idea is put in the Earth Charter in a very simple and true way. Therefore, it is the most authentic foundation for the International Forum of Communication and Sustainability.

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