Education in the 21st Century: new needs, new solutions

Atitude Brasil believes in raising consciousness for sustainable development, a subject that has involved many great thinkers during the 21st Century. The French philosopher Edgar Morin belongs to that outstanding group. He believes in the importance of drastic changes on teaching methods and is against the fragmentation of knowledge. Education is the most important of all types of communication, because it feeds humanity’s qualities (and flaws).

Atitude Brasil, as Morin, also connects the cultural, social and environmental areas, even though they are barely studied. That is the main challenge – not planning solutions, but putting them into practice. Making changes, even the smallest ones, is hard and requires lots of work from people, who are always very demanding with transformations too. Things might seem impossible at first, but initiatives that interest everybody can reach any goal, as long as one step at a time is taken.

There are many new learning methods available nowadays, even though many of them are seen with prejudice. Distance education is one of them, which has been constantly growing and becoming popular. E-Learning is another one, which is very common among young people, who usually use internet tools for leisure activities. In Tokyo, many students have already substituted pencil and paper for computers, an efficient way to save valuable natural resources. These are small but great changes, which can lead society to an education revolution.

There are no doubts that teaching has gained a lot considering the recent complex needs of society. Proper access to information is one of the most efficient tools to solve problems in that area. Considering that information has changed a lot over the past years, gone from analogical to digital. Share your opinions here and be part of those changes.

“Slow and steady wins the race.” – Moral of The Rabbit and The Turtle.


É necessário uma plataforma de educação onde haja uma mescla entre arte, cultura e conhecimento técnico. As crianças necessitam conhecer, interagir, desenvolver em conjunto para que se crie uma nova percepção do universo como um todo.

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Com certeza, Bruna. Fragmentar as áreas do conhecimento impede que as pessoas formem um pensamento abrangente e adequado à realidade em que vivem. Obrigado por compartilhar sua opinião.

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Nesta correria do mundo moderno, onde a busca pela informação é necessária para nosso crescimento pessoal e profissional, o ensino no modelo EAD nos proporciona fazermos o nosso momento de estudos em casa no tempo que encontramos disponível sem termos que nos deslocar, gera praticidade.
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