The search for simple and true actions for sustainable development

The Earth Day, the Earth Hour and the IV International Forum for Communication and Sustainability – The search for simple and true actions for sustainable development

Each April 22nd for the past 41 years the world celebrates the so-called “Earth Day”. Established in 1970 in the United States people demonstrate for a cleaner environment, a healthier world without polluting factories or toxic dumps. This huge environmental movement mobilized 20 million Americans in 1970 and has even more followers in the 21st century. More than one billion world citizens take an active part at the Earth Day every year – Fighting and demonstrating for a green future for the generations to come. In 2010 the 40th anniversary was celebrated in more than 175 countries and the Earth Day Network that is responsible for the organization has been promoting a global green economy arranging environmental campaigns and improving environmental education.

One may argue that the Earth Day is not useful to its original purpose anymore. Green PR and green marketing found their way into using the Earth Day as a platform to sell a variety of goods. For profit-maximizing companies it has been really easy to mask themselves and their products as environment-friendly in order to get the customers’ attention. Today the big business men have found their ways into the environmental innovation community. Green is cool. Regarding the increase of interactive media and the velocity of life, the society has once again become a puppet of economical and profit-maximizing interests. The current question is how many people really do care and think green the other 364 days of the year.

In this year’s IV Forum of Communication and Sustainability which is taking place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on May 26th and 27th 2011 guests and speakers are aiming to find and present practical solutions for the everyday life and activities. It is important to pass every simple and easy way how to act more responsible and sustainable on to fellow citizens in order to be able to address every human citizen in every sector of the Earth’s society.

“Click the light bulb to show your support” – Slogan of the Earth Hour, organized by WWF

The Earth Hour 2011 was a tremendous success and prompts an example of an easy and constructive way to express ones feelings about the climate change and the importance of a sustainable development. In 2007 for the first time in history of humankind 2.2 million people switched off their lights for one hour to demonstrate their position. In just four years the global network has increased extremely and WWF is proud of every single person who supports the preservation of Mother Nature. Green can be cool and useful at the same time. You just need to click.

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