Marcelo Gleiser’s article on the IV International Forum for Communication and Sustainability and the Limpa Brasil initiative

The IV International Forum for Communication and Sustainability, which took place in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, on the 26th and 27th of May, left a footprint in the hearts and minds of many people that eagerly participated.


The theme of roundtable 3 “Ecological Integrity” concerned the respect for nature and the joy, nutrition and resources it has given us. The speakers discussed practical solutions for the needs and problems we are facing today.

Marcelo Gleiser, a physicist, astronomer and writer who was selected to join the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy, shared his thoughts on a sustainable development with us at this roundtable. He dedicated an article on NPR to this panel saying:

“I came home deeply inspired. Between Waste Land and its message of change, and the growing Let’s do it! movement, change is in the air.”

It is beautifully written and delivers the discussed topics during the third roundtable in a very authentic and natural way, quoting Tião Santos and Rainer Nõlvak, his fellow speakers, summarizing the results and giving a message to all of his readers.

Please take a look at “From Garbage To Art: How To Change The World” by Marcelo Gleiser at

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