Limpa Rio: 6.5 million people and 17 tons of recycable material

Sunday, June 5th 2011. 400 catadores from 20 Recycling Companies. More than a thousand people working in logistics and the management of 20 Ecopoints. Five thousand people picking up trash accumulated on streets, sidewalks, parks, beaches and squares of Rio de Janeiro. The result: 8 hours, 17 tons of solid waste destined for recycling.

The action of the Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! movement, which is going to happen in six other cities (Guarulhos, Brasilia, Campinas, Goiania, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo) in 2011, aims to draw attention to the impacts of unbridled consumerism as well as careless disposal of waste on our health, additionally to the need of preserving common goods and the environment.

Simultaneously with the cleanups, Limpa Brasil will institute an educational campaign which will last for 10 years in order to encourage society to change their habits. The initiative, which is supported by UNESCO and the Brazilian government, was sponsored by Vale, Banco do Brasil, Fundação Banco do Brasil, Braskem, Oi and Coca-Cola (local sponsor of the action in Rio). Among our partners, we would like to highlight the National Movement of Recyclable Material Collectors (“Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis” – MNCR).

The 17 tons of recycable material which were removed from public spaces on the World Environment Day surpassed the 12 tons mark already at 2 pm and the 14 tons that were projected at the end of the day. The numbers exceeded the expectations of the Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! Movement. These figures include information on all of the processed materials from the cooperating Recycling Companies.

Limpa Brasil no Rio de Janeiro - Por Marcelo Valle

The mobilization of the citizens of Rio de Janeiro for June 5th was organized on various levels: placement of an institutional campaign with broadcasting partners; distribution of 30,000 kits to volunteers (containing two green polyethylene bags, 100% recyclable) for the day of action; build up and receive support from government, partners as well as social communities and institutions (especially universities, churches and sports clubs).

Voluntários recolhem lixo das ruas no RJ - Por Marcelo Valle

On Thursday, June 2nd 2011, apart from the mobilization campaign, the organizational team of the movement gave workshops for the volunteers. On June 5th, from 9 am until 17 pm, the citzens of Rio de Janeiro gathered and helped at 20 different Ecopoints – seven of them in the south, three in the center, three in the west and six in the north. At these points the materials that were collected by the population were screened. The recyclable waste was deposited in dumpsters provided by BrasilPET and sent to Recycling Companies. The left-over waste was collected by Comlurb (Urban Cleaning Company), a collection service of the city government.

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