Preventing dengue: a job for everyone

The inadequate accumulation of trash is one of the main reasons why the Aedes Aegypti mosquito – which needs stagnant water to reproduce – has been so frequent in Brazilian cities lately. Improperly discarded waste in our cities is the cause of many diseases. Besides direct contamination, areas where people live next to garbage offer the risk of constant growth of vector population.

The Limpa Brasil Let’s do It! initiative, launched by Atitude Brasil, is an efficient prevention measure. Removing trash from our environment improves society’s well-being and protects it from diseases.

The whole society must be engaged in the fight against this disease in order to reduce the number of dengue cases that can be seen on newspapers and magazine. While scientists are trying to develop a vaccine, all citizens have to get involved with prevention. We are all victimized by the frequency of dengue, either directly – by the disease itself or the risks – or indirectly – by the public money spent because of it or problems in the health system.

Carta Capital published a great text about this subject today, on its website. It explains what is being done and what should be done by scientists, governments and society. Click here to read it.

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